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Health & environmentalism & a little bit of a soap box

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My sister has been calling me a hippie since I was ten, due to the fact that - even as a fifth grader - I spent my money on flowers and used books and organic cotton clothing. Over time, I embraced my inherent hippie-ness. I stopped eating red meat when I was nineteen, shopped almost exclusively at thrift stores, bought organic food whenever possible. This year, however, I want to take my environmentally-conscious, animal-loving, tree-hugging ways to the next level.

So, without further ado, this is my manifesto for this year's health-conscious, earth-conscious lifestyle.

1. I want to convert to veganism.

kodykeplinger inspired this one, thanks to her recent conversion. But, peer pressure aside, my family history is full of high cholesterol and some very weird stomach problems. I've never handled rich, high fat foods well. A greasy cheeseburger could leave me doubled over for days. A piece of fried chicken could have me puking all night. So this dietary change is as much for myself as it is for environmental reasons. But, environmentally speaking - animal products sort of suck if not produced/processed correctly. We could feed the whole country with all the grains America pours down the throats of cows and chickens and pigs to fatten them for slaughter. So yeah. It bothers me. So I'm going veggie.

2. I want to grow a garden.

...but I live in an apartment, so this is going to be interesting. However, I've been doing lots of research on urban gardening, and it is definitely possible and even simple. Plus, I'm in college. I love fresh produce, but it's not priced like those ramen noodles and potato chips. So, the garden is a combination health + cost + environmental choice.

3. I want to cut down on waste.

I have travel mugs. I love my travel mugs. Travel mugs are the best inventions EVER invented for coffee lovers. So why do I insist on using the styrofoam cups at the coffee shop? Why don't I just bring my travel mug? I don't know, but I've got to quit. There are a dozen paper coffee cups rolling around in my car right now, and I feel stupid and guilty every time I see them.

4. I want to walk more.

I live in a relatively nice neighborhood. It's not difficult for me to walk to school two or three days out of the week. I need to start doing that.

Do you have any environmental/health-oriented goals this year?
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On February 20th, 2012 04:24 am (UTC), edgyauthor commented:
Good luck with all these goals! My sister managed to have a garden when she was living in an apartment, so that one is definitely doable.
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